FAQ – Britone


While Britone uses the best available parts from around the country, all of our speaker drivers are designed, assembled, and tested at our factory in New Delhi, India. We feel this is critical to ensure the long-term reliability of our products.Answer 1
The warranty on Britone speaker drivers remains in effect for 1 year from the date of the first consumer purchase. The original owner and all subsequent owners are protected as long as the components have been purchased from an authorized Britone distributor or retailer. The original, dated bill of sale is required whenever warranty service is required. Please have this available before contacting your Britone retailer or distributor.
Britone does not repair components. You should contact the retailer that sold you the speaker cabinets, or the manufacturer of the speaker cabinets directly. If you made speaker cabinets yourself using Britone speaker drivers, you should contact the retailer or Britone distributor that sold you the driver. While some manufacturers use standard Britone components, many use customized versions of our components that satisfy their specific design criteria. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct replacement component is being used.
Some high-frequency drivers are quite easy to repair, but woofers and subwoofers can be a bit more challenging. We strongly recommend that you seek professional support for these procedures in order to ensure long-term driver performance. Using the correct repair process and adhesives is critical.
Britone does not sell parts directly to the general public. You should contact the manufacturer of the speaker cabinets or the retailer that sold you the cabinets or components. If they are not able to help you, you can contact your local Britone distributor. Please note that some proprietary components are only available through the manufacturer of the speaker cabinets.
Every product from Britone Speakers is 100% quality tested before it is packaged and shipped. Each product is guaranteed and supported with a 1-year warranty. All components are electronically tested for rub and buzz issues. We also perform a set of measurements on every component to ensure that their frequency response and electrical impedance fall within established tolerance windows. Each cone loudspeaker is additionally tested using a low-frequency, high-voltage acoustical sweep to check for vibrations or noises.
Provided the power rating of the amp is not a great deal more than the rating of the speakers (50 watts +) then there should not be a great problem provided you as the customer are sensible when it comes to running the speakers.
If the amp's power rating is dramatically below that of the speaker, the amp will try too hard to keep up with the speaker. This means the amp will 'clip' which could possibly cause more damage than over-rating the speakers.
Yes, you can. When doing so be mindful that different ranges will sound different tonally, however as long as you aren’t mixing ranges for the main stage you can easily get away with this due to the purpose being for added effect / ambience.
Since most drivers are special order items, we don't typically offer refunds. It is your responsibility to ensure the driver is suitable and will fit your requirements. Please refer to our refund policy on the support page.