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What is a Tweeter Speaker and What They Do?

A tweeter is a speaker that produces the upper range of sounds heard in music. Because higher sound frequencies have smaller sound waves, their size is smaller than other speakers they work with.

A tweeter speaker is a type of electromechanical loudspeaker that produces sound and music in the upper (higher frequency) musical range. Compensates for woofers and other speakers that do not produce treble, such as those used in two-way bookshelf speaker pair designs.

Tweeters are small because they produce smaller sound waves and have smaller cones. Generally speaking, it is best used when facing the listener.

It depends on the limitations of your particular speaker, but most are limited to a specific range, such as a maximum of 3 kHz to 20 kHz. The typical human hearing range is approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Kilohertz is a term used to describe the sound frequency produced or audio signal waveform cycles per second.

Basic Tweeter Parts

Tweeter Parts

Image of a disassembled car tweeter. A magnet assembly (left) and a dome/grill/wiring terminal assembly (right) are shown. The voice coil is attached to the dome in the rear. In this image, silver material is used to make a dome. Most are mylar or other types of plastic or other lightweight materials.

A typical tweeter design (although many other types exist) consists of a small magnet with a circular gap inside. A coiled copper wire voice coil, called a voice coil, is attached to a speaker dome made of one of a variety of materials. It differs from other speakers that use downward-angled cones in that they use a curved dome shape that curves outward.

This assembly is inserted into the gap in the magnet and suspended. The dome, like any other loudspeaker, is flexible but supported on the sides by a rigid material.

What Does Twitter Do?

Good quality tweeters are used to create high-frequency sound (treble) and compensate for other speakers that are not suited to it. It sounds fantastic even when it's part of an affordable audio system with a subwoofer and two-way speakers.

"Treble" is a word used to describe parts of music with an upper register, such as cymbals, synthesized keyboard sounds, drum effects, and the "tssst tsst" (treble) sound of various instruments.

When the amplified music signal is applied to the tweeter via the positive (+) and negative (-) wire connections, the voice coil creates a magnetic field inside the permanent magnetic gap region of the magnet.

This changing magnetic field causes the tweeter coil and dome to move back and forth, moving the air along the signal very quickly. When this happens, a sound is produced.

How is Twitter Used?

Designed to match drivers and discrete sound production, send them what suits them best.

Tweeters are used in speaker systems for a limited number of reasons (not used alone).

  • Produces sound that no other speaker can produce in a 2-way or 3-way speaker system.
  • To add more high-frequency sounds (treble) for added effect

Most speaker systems in use today are called "2-way" because they use a combination of two speakers that provide a limited range of sounds to produce. Very few speakers are sold today as single cones, so they cannot produce the full range of audible sound.

The main reason for this is that larger speakers do not produce higher (treble) frequencies as well, and smaller speakers do not produce louder (bass) frequencies.

Typically, speakers are specialized and best suited for a wide variety of sounds.

Midrange speakers, such as woofers (also called "midbass" speakers or "midwoofers"), generally perform terribly in the high registers.

Tweeters in India are therefore very important in providing the missing sound range.

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