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6 Reasons - How a Subwoofer Can Change Your Music Experience

There is a long-standing perception in the audiophile community that subwoofers are for home theater use only and that their music playback benefits are questionable or even negative. While it is true that sub-subwoofers are not designed to optimally handle the speed, detail, and nuance of any particular piece of music, this is not a rule for subwoofers in general.

A good subwoofer enhances the listening experience in a way that no other audio component can. Here is a list of six reasons why a properly designed subwoofer like the Britone is essential for music reproduction.

  1. Reveals a sound and feel that the speaker cannot reproduce - Most speakers start dropping at around 50Hz, completely stripping the depth and clarity of the bass tone. A good subwoofer will reach below 20Hz to the limit of human hearing. This means you can feel the lowest notes of anything like the pipe organ, kick drum, bass guitar or the occasional cannon volley of the 1812 Overture without missing a note, making for a much more immersive experience.
  1. Play as loud as you want without distortion - On many systems, when actually playing music at high volume, the speaker's woofer can have trouble keeping up with the mid-driver and tweeter. A great subwoofer will easily play loud and distortion-free, no matter how demanding your music material is and how much you want to play it.
  1. Accurately reproduce all notes in the low-frequency spectrum - Unlike speakers that can have "sonic character", a good subwoofer is completely faithful to the music content, delivering the bass as the artist intended. This is also why a great subwoofer can match any brand or speaker model to add weight and energy to the overall listening experience.
  1. Add speed and control in low-end transients - Many music genres offer quick start and stop of vocals and instruments that sub-subwoofers may struggle with, without smearing or detailing the acoustic image. A great subwoofer has speed and transient response that renders bass with phenomenal realism and impact, so even the fastest bass lines are rendered with feel and precision.
  1. Blends seamlessly with full-range speakers - A good subwoofer should always sound and feel like an extension of a speaker without overpowering or drawing attention to the speaker. When perfectly mixed, a great subwoofer allows the speakers to sound best across the frequency spectrum, providing perfect clarity without overpowering the highs and mids.
  1. Unleash the sonic potential of smaller speakers - A powered subwoofer provides its own low-frequency amplifier and with proper bass management a connected AV receiver or amplifier can drive the smaller speakers at mid and high frequencies above the crossover point. This allows the speaker to reach their full potential, regardless of the content.

Beyond technical advancements, having a subwoofer adds a whole new dimension to your music. A good subwoofer should never be overbearing or bang, but instead add color, depth, and impact to the final output delivery.

From infectious bass guitar riffs and mesmerizing drum beats to the most complex electronic bass compositions, a great subwoofer reveals multiple layers of sound that speakers can't handle. While some subwoofers only add a few bass notes, a truly great subwoofer enhances the listening experience in a unique and distinct way.

If you've never experienced this level of performance in your music, Britone offers a dynamic and influential subwoofer. Britone goes very well with the music and makes a variety of subwoofers to suit any room, audio system, and budget. 

Have a question? Our sound experts are on standby 7 days a week to help you choose the best subwoofer based on your setup and listening preferences.

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